Capacity Committee


Promote goodwill, community involvement and a sense of pride in the community. Assists with planning of events by other committees.


Donna McManus

Current Events

  • Quarterly Public Community Council Meetings
  • Halloween Party
  • Light Up Night
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Block Watch ( Meets first Monday of every month at 6:30 PM at the Hear Corporation, 25 Carrick Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15210 )
    • Conduct monthly educational and informational meetings on public safety
    • Promote a good working relationship between citizens and law enforcement officers
    • Act as a liaison between Carrick and Zone 3 Police Station Public Safety Council
    • Advocate for appropriate response from Pittsburgh Public Safety Departments, as needed
    • Involve citizens in combating graffiti and reporting crimes to improve the environment in Carrick and surrounding areas
    • Committee members regularly attend public safety meetings conducted by both the local police department as well as city sponsored meetings
    • Encourages streets to form Block Watches and maintain contact with those Block Watch Captains.


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