Let’s Welcome soon to be new neighbors, Sister’s Place!

Sister’s Place, a non profit organization which faithfully provides opportunities for families and individuals to overcome poverty and homelessness through empowerment, housing wellness, personal and professional advancement services will move  111 Brownsville Road in Mt. Oliver in the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2020. 
Sisters Place was founded in 1993 by members of local Catholic congregations of religious women in response to the Gospel imperative of love of neighbor and service to the homeless and impoverished in our community. 

Sisters Place strives to be a collaborative community asset that eliminates barriers to success for those experiencing poverty and homelessness.  

In order to remain relevant and make an impact, the programming focus now consists of three pillars where they can most effectively impact the generational cycles of poverty facing too many marginalized families and individuals in the community – empowerment, wellness and advancement.  

Sister’s Place leans in on empowerment to support families with meeting basic needs.  Wellness activities are related to mental and physical health as well as addiction and recovery. 

Advancement refers to personal and professional advancement, i.e. GED prep, college, trade school, apprenticeships and workforce development.  They are also continuing to provide permanent and transitional housing opportunities for families experiencing homelessness. 

In the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2020, Sister’s Place will relocate to the Hilltop Area of South Pittsburgh where there is greater access to resources than they currently have access to including, public transportation, a higher ranked school district (currently they are in one of the lowest ranked districts in the state of PA), as well as access to grocery stores, employment and other community supports.  

Once established in the Hilltop,  Sister’s Place will open it’s support services to non-residential clients for the first time in our 26 years of service.  They will leverage their expertise in this area of service to reach and impact a wider range of clientele.  

 Non-residential clients will be able to walk-in during office hours for an intake and assessment – and leave with referrals and resources to assist them. 

 Warm hand-offs will be made to reputable community partners and follow-up will occur from Sisters Place to help to continue to support individual and families.  

Some needs will be met by Sisters Place – but many more will be met by community partners.

For More information contact:

Sisters Place, Inc.

Phone: 412-233-3903
Fax: 412-233-3904

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