What has the Carrick Community Council Accomplished?

  • Free public meetings with valuable information
  • Continued to support the Carrick/Overbrook Block Watch with the help of Overbrook Community Council
  • Continued support of the Communities Against Crime event along Brownsville Road
  • Continued the CCC website
  • Continued the CCC Facebook page
  • CCC contributes regularly to the Carrick Google Group
  • Annual Family Events:
    • The Halloween Party
    • Holiday Light-up Night
    • Easter Egg hunt
  • Assisted in coordinating new trees in Carrick and the Carrick Tree Tenders for tree tending dates
  • Continued to inform the Carrick neighborhood about events and meeting within neighborhood Pittsburgh Public Schools
  • Continued a strong relationship with the Hilltop Alliance which allows for a voting board member and advisory member
  • Allotted Carrick CDBG  funds with the help of Councilman Coghill’s office to Economic Development South for the Dairy District project along Brownsville Road
  • Worked with EDS and City Council in the development of the Hillcrest Senior Residences on Brownsville Road
  • Organized monthly clean up days for the community during the warm weather months

What will the Carrick Community Council achieve moving forward?

In addition to maintaining many of the achievements from the past we will continue to operate as a 501(c)(3) organization to acquire a larger range of grants and funds to contribute to the community in a much broader way and build relationships with other community organizations.

As a Carrick Community Council member, what benefits will you receive?

  • Membership is $5.
  • As a member of the Carrick Community Council you have the knowledge that you are supporting your neighborhood in the efforts of building strong partnerships in the community; helping those who live and work in Carrick contribute to the overall well being and safety of the community and restoring a sense of pride and belonging
  • With membership dues, one receives a pass good for the entire year, for one member and three guests:
  • Members will be able to elect the Board of Directors

How do you become a member?

Click on “donate” button to donate $5 via paypal, then click on “Become a member” (located in the green logo box below) to fill out and submit the membership application form.

– or –

Print the application form (available here) and mail it with your dues to:

Carrick Community Council, PO Box 5901, Pittsburgh, PA 15210
(Do not Mail Cash)

– or –

Print the application form (available here) and bring it to a CCC public meeting with your dues.