2018 PRC E-Recycling

PRC – Pennsylvania Resource Council E-Recycling event

Saturday JUNE 9, 2018

  • Serviced more than 268 Carrick residents
  • Collected, for recycling over 190 television sets 
  • Collected two large truck loads of tires (100’s of tires)

This was THE largest PRC community event to date. 


  • PRC Pennsylvania Resource Council
  • Natalia Rudiak for Allocating the CDBG monies
  • EDS and the Dairy District Advisory Group
  • City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works (for taking the tires)
  • Appliance Warehouse (for taking all of the appliances)
  • ELoop (for taking televisions and electronics)
  • Pittsburgh Sober Living (for supplying us with THE BEST volunteers)
  • Others – Dino Roth and Ron Jardini for help picking up neighborhood trash for those who couldn’t bring it. Everyone else who came to help!!
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